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Summer Instagram Captions For Skiers

Summer Instagram Captions For Skiers
One of the best things about summertime-well, other than the increase in tourist traffic, back sweat, and ticks-is flooding your Instagram feed with your B-roll footage from last winter.

As we learned in Instagram for Skiers 101, the absence of snow should not slow your daily post count. Instead, follow these tips for writing clever, funny, and inspirational captions that will reassure your followers you’re still (!!!) a skier, string along your seasonal relationships with folks you only see mid-winter, and, most importantly, squeeze a surge of extra likes out of the offseason.

1. Talk about the heat; mention your sweltering apartment or recent sunburn and elude to the “cooling off” sensation that comes from posting a #TBT shot of you getting mid-winter pitted so hard you couldn’t feel your face.
Note: This is also a great time to humblebrag about how #blessed you were to travel by moose-drawn carriage to the 1,000-year-old heli pad on the uninhabited glacial island off the coast of Greenland, where the conditions were JUST. ALL. TIME. We know. You cannot wait to go back someday.
2. Perhaps you went for a run today. A jog? Did you walk to the mailbox? Definitely post about any exercise you’re getting this summer, and don’t forget to mention the heat.
In your caption, use phrases like “Ski season is coming up fast…gotta push even harder,” or “Never lose sight of your goals. Keep grinding.” Always, always use the hashtag #winteriscoming for these types of posts and the Instagram gods will reward you.
3. Nostalgia is your greatest ally this summer. No matter what you post as you scroll through shots from last winter, captions that allow you to express your introspective thinking about the meaning of winter through the metaphor of a snowflake falling on the back of a miniature horse in Iceland are an excellent way to let your skier friends know you’re more than just a dive-bar kind of gal. Summer you is well-read and articulate and deeply, deeply self aware.
4. If you’re recovering from an injury this summer, consider yourself really, really lucky. Surgery to repair an ACL tear is a goldmine of content and scars are totally hot on social media this season.
There are countless ways to spin this thing for viral appeal, but make sure you never pass on a chance to post from the PT office. Your followers will go wild for that place, plus you can mention how #thankful you are for the AC there, because, of course, summer is so effing hot.
5. Ran out of pow shots? Don’t bike or fish (Are you even a skier!)? Find your nearest farmer’s market and snap a pic of fresh greens. Kale or Swiss chard is best. Your caption should reflect on how LOL CRAY it is to be off your winter diet of Rainier and tater tots. #gains
6. When in doubt, do a Google search for moving quotes and hammer down on the ❄️ snowflake ❄️ emoji. “In ❄️ the ❄️ midst ❄️ of ❄️ summer, I found there was, within me, an ❄️ Instagramable ❄️ winter.” -Ella Fitzgerald
7. Get a dog. Better yet, double down (or triple down? Get it?) and create an Insta handle for @BarryIsTheBomb

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